Why is Sunrise Different?

No matter the size of your event, Sunrise Entertainment has the staff and equipment to satisfy your needs. Whether you require one or two DJ’s, Sunrise Entertainment is there to make sure your event runs smoothly. Our equipment is just as good or better than most area bands! Backup equipment is always available so that your event will go on no matter the circumstances. The goal at Sunrise Entertainment is to have everyone leave your event with a smile on their face. Our professional staff will ensure your satisfaction!

Some things that set us apart from other companies:

1. Our references! We have been in business for over 15 years.
We contract not one DJ but two, this allows us to give full attention to your guests without compromising the sound quality and should an emergency arise preventing one DJ from attending the event there is always that second DJ. You would be surprised at how many companies don’t consider this and how often DJ’s simply don’t show and there is no back up plan!

2. We always carry back up equipment. Sunrise Entertainment carries a back up for any piece of equipment that could fail. Laptops, Mixers, DJ machines, speakers, etc. Any of these can fail at any time and if this should happen and no back up is available, your party ends! Other companies may tell you “this never happens”, remember, there is always a first time, don’t let it be your event. Your event is a once in a lifetime occasion, we think all possible precautions should be taken.

4. We are “seasoned” and know how to feel the crowd out and how to choose music that is appropriate. There are club DJ’s and there are Wedding/Private Event DJ’s, you shouldn’t confuse the two… We consider all of your guests, we encourage requests and have an incredible song selection in order to provide everyone with something they enjoy. As the mood changes throughout the night, so do we.

5. Our play list is constantly growing. Any songs or artist you would like us to add for your event, we will. We download on the spot so if we don’t have it, we will get it!

6. You will meet with and approve of your DJ’s well in advance. No surprises the day of the event!

7. We like to meet with you a minimum of two times prior to your event, however we are available to meet with you as much as you deem necessary prior to your event to assure everything is as it should be. This is not a part time job for me, this is my full time business. I am available to answer questions and deal with concerns at anytime.

8. Sunrise Entertainment is not only a DJ company but we also provide for any other musical needs you may have. We can help to secure a vocalist, violinist, organist, band, etc…

9. Sunrise Entertainment would never compromise our clients or venues. You can rest assured that ALL of our music, Karaoke and DJ is completely legal, purchased from legal sources and has been approved for use in public venues. Many venues are unaware that simply by using a DJ/KJ that has pirated music or karaoke music that was not intended for public performance, can result in a lawsuit and the possible loss of the Venue’s liquor license.

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